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Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 went really well. We definitely had some serious lack of nappage and some crankiness because of it, but overall it was a great day. We started off with Christmas at home with our little family. The focus was on Baby J but J and I also got to open stockings and exchanged gifts.

I mentioned before that we were going to start some family traditions this Christmas. I'm happy to say that they seemed to work well. Baby J got new pajamas Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, he got 4 things from us and one thing from Santa. Here's how it worked:

something you want - mega blocks
something you need - plastic dishes
something to wear - jeans, a onesie and socks
something to read - a book about animals that has flaps and things to feel and flip
Santa - leap frog fridge magnets (a big hit with all the kids we know)

Our first stop was at J's grandparent's house. We were all spoiled - breakfast made for us and a ton of presents. Our next stop was my parent's place. This is where nap fail #1 happened. Baby J fell asleep in the car on the way there so we tried to transfer him to the playpen. It didn't work. We got him up and did the present thing again. Again, we were spoiled.

Our time with my family was cut short and once again Baby J fell asleep in the car... nap fail #2. Once again we tried to transfer him to his crib at home. Once again it didn't work. Poor guy got two little car naps and we headed back to J's grandparent's house for dinner. Dinner went really well. J's grandfather was able to come home from the hospital for the afternoon and some of J's cousins were there.

Not too late it was time to go. Baby J was melting down, understandably, so we rushed home to get him to bed. So much Christmas excitement. We spent some time getting stuff organized and put away and finally lounged on the couch after our long day.

I'm happy to say that Boxing Day was a much smoother day. My brother came over in the morning, Baby J napped in his own crib and then we went to see J's family again. There was lots of dancing and singing and eating. We were home at a decent time and got more of the house organized. We've been reorganizing Baby J's toys since he has so many new ones and reorganizing areas of our house to make room for Baby #2, not a small task.

Christmas 2010 was a grand success. I hope to continue the traditions we started and maybe add in some Christmas baking and possibly sending cards. Who knows!

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