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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Best of 2010

Wow, is it seriously New Year's Eve? I'm sitting in the dining room in comfy clothes thinking about going to bed because I'm awesome like that. I'm catching up on all the blogs I follow and realize everyone is talking resolutions and top 10 lists and OMG it's the last day of 2010. I should write something!

Looking back, I posted a similar post last year where I talked about the fun things I did in 2009 (2009 - A Year In Review). What fun things did I do this year? I give you...

The Best of 2010

I started off the year with a 4 month old baby who we took swimming and who had to get his heart checked. We bought a used Mazda 3 for a second car and I had one of the worst birthdays ever (both J and Baby J were sick, I was puked on and had to clean up disgusting poop while listening to J puking). Thankfully the redo was much better.

In February I got a nice hair cut to regain some of myself. I continued taking Salsa Babies classes and had lots of playdates for Baby J (the babies lie there while I get to catch up with my friends - win-win). Doing something I always wanted to do, I got a tattoo. J did too.

March was an active month. We went for walks like we used to and I tried snowboarding for the first time. At the end of the month it was beautiful and I met some family at a patio for coffee and people watching.

April was Easter and lots of family time, but we also managed more playdates and outside time in the sunshine.

May was a big month. I continued on with aquafit and did the family 2K walk with J and Baby J. We went to Halifax for a week and I got to meet a coworker's baby. It was also my first Mother's Day and Baby J did not disappoint.

The big news in June was a positive pregnancy test. Baby 2 officially on the way! We had Father's Day and our first trip to the cottage. J did his first triathalon and we took more family walks and went to the park. My grandmother passed away suddenly.

July was a month of change. The beginning was full of parties and cottaging but the last half was full of daycare, work and being sick. J did his 2nd triathalon and we got to meet A&S's new baby.

August was the month of weddings - E&J and M&R. Two completely different, but both very nice, weddings. Baby J's BFF Baby R turned 1 and we spent more time at the cottage soaking up the summer sun.

September was the month of birthdays. Baby J turned 1 and J turned 29. J did his 3rd triathalon and ran a 1/2 marathon while Baby J and I walked a 5K. J finally couldn't stand it anymore and cut off Baby J's curls and we left the baby and went to K&S's wedding at Tremblant.

In October Baby J got an eye infection and was completely disgusting, but thankfully was well enough to enjoy a trip to the pumpkin patch later in the month and then Halloween. We decided to sell the Yaris and made the Mazda our main car.

It wasn't long before we had another car though, SJ is lending us hers while she's away, so we picked it up in November. This was also the first time Baby J played in the snow.

December started off with my baseball team's annual Christmas party. We took Baby J to see Santa and just made it through one of the best Christmasses yet. Baby J looks much older after haircut #2. New Year's is the lamest yet, but I'm okay with that. Having a toddler and a huge belly make going to bed early quite appealing.

And so you have it. A round up of the last year, my last year being in my twenties. Things I'm looking forward to in 2011: only 4 weeks of work, the rest of the year off work, a new baby and all the fun things I'm sure we'll cram in. Even if next year's New Year's Eve is as lame as tonight, I'm okay with that.

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