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Friday, December 17, 2010

Baby J update

We took Baby J to the doctor yesterday for his 15-month appointment. Poor guy was just traumatized meeting Santa a couple nights ago and then he had to see the evil doctor. I'm sure he associates her with needles and starts crying as soon as she gets near him.

It's unfortunate because she's such a nice Cuban woman and really not scary at all. No matter, he cried when she put the tape measure around his head and when we laid him down on the table and when he sat in the scale bucket and, of course, when he got his shots. There was no consoling him.

At his one year appointment, I was so sure he was more than 20 pounds and only a little disappointed to find out my wimpy arms were sore from a mere 19.5 pounds of baby. This time, no disappointment - he weighs almost 23 pounds and is 32 inches long.

We figured his regular shots were enough and opted out of getting the flu shot for him and instead both got our arms pricked. Baby J and J are home today, hopefully enjoying Dora and trucks, while I'm stuck at work. Such is life.

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