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Saturday, December 11, 2010

15 months

Baby J's 15th month wasn't about big new things, it was more of a slow and steady march. He got better at waving and is now saying hi and bye-bye. He also says wow and uh-oh. For a while, he walked on his knees but that seems to have passed. He loves to play peek-a-boo and while slap his hands over his eyes if you ask where he is.

He's moved from only being able to point at his nose, to knowing his nose, eyes, mouth and head. He'll point to his torso when you ask where his belly button is and giggles if you touch it.

He's almost mastered using a fork, but gets easily frustrated if it's not a good food to pick up. One afternoon, he fed J cheerios, sometimes after tasting them himself. Glad that wasn't me!

The kid seems to like the snow and the cold but doesn't like his mitts. We're going to have to get him some mitts-on-a-string. We tried out his snowsuit and boots and got him bigger mitts that seem to stay on better than the little ones.

Inside, he's a dancer and jumper. He can get both feet off the ground while jumping. He's also such a little climber. He can get up on the kitchen chairs and the bar stools, couches and coffee tables. Our bed is still too high though. Stairs he can do without using his knees and now he mostly goes down on his bum feet first. He can reach door knobs but doesn't know yet how to use them. Thankfully we keep our outside doors locked even when we're home so that shouldn't be a problem.

He has started to get pretty attached to a fuzzy blanket. Now for sleeping he grabs his bear and at least one blanket and snuggles both. Some nights he tells us he's tired by going into his room.

This past month we've been transitioning him to homo milk. The few times we've tried, he's always reacted (whether it was from the milk or something else is impossible to tell, but it always happened when we introduced milk). This time has been going well and we're slowly increasing the ratio of milk to formula and will eventually stop giving him formula. Our grocery bill will be significantly lower.

It seems like the tantrums have started. If we take something away from him he'll throw a fit. This is incredibly annoying when I'm picking him up from daycare. Most days I have to carry him to the door to get his coat on and put him in the car kicking and screaming. I'm glad he likes his daycare but man, it's tough buckling a screaming toddler into a car seat in the cold. Those days I wish I wasn't the one doing drop offs and pick ups.

As for stats, nothing new to report. Baby J is still wearing size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothing. He still naps once a day. I'll be taking him for his next appointment (and shots!) in a couple weeks.

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