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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some drivers

I've seen some really good driving lately. So good that it makes me want to move out to the country and never see multiple cars on the road again. Or rush hour. Or old people. Or any other kind of stereotypically bad driver.

I know everyone makes mistakes and I've missed my turn or driven the wrong way down a one-way street and sure I speed, but what really gets me, are the ignorant drivers. The ones totally unaware of the world around them, who don't realize that crossing three lanes of traffic to make the turn they just about missed is way worse than missing the turn. The ones that drive in the bike lanes just to get around a line of cars. The ones who aren't even looking up because they're texting.

I could go on. And I'm sure you could too.

My strategy: avoid driving, especially at rush hour. Unfortunately (in this sense) the bus is way more expensive and less convenient than driving to work, but I start early in the day and only catch the start of rush hour on the way home. And actually, the worst driving I've seen lately has been while we've been out and about on weeknights or on the weekend.

Anyone else wish we could just be teleported places already?


  1. I understand completely!! That was the main reason I switched to public transit. Though, it was cheaper for me to bus at the same time. I'm so FOR teleportation.

  2. The drivers in Ottawa are just getting worse and worse! They tailgate your car (even with a Baby on Board sign) and cut you off and do stupid things.