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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I've been busy being social. Fun, right? Tiring though.

Last week we were lucky to have a day off work in the middle of the week while the daycare was still open. Dropping Baby J off that morning was nice, knowing we had all day to do whatever we wanted to do. I may not have done everything I could have, accomplished all he tasks on my to-do list, but it was a great day.

J and I were able to see his grandfather who is in the hospital, running into his parents and sister at the same time, and then heading to a mall to get started on our Christmas shopping. It felt nice to get started on our list, though buying for Baby J proves to be the easiest. We stopped in at the tattoo place and booked J in for round 2. A quick stop at the grocery store and it was time to pick up Baby J.

That night I grabbed SJ and we met L and SW (who is now SH.. has been for a while, but I don't think I've mentioned her on my blog since her and A got married two years ago) for pedicures. I was exhausted but it was so nice seeing my friends in the middle of the week and now I have pretty toes. I went with a dark blue/green, shying away from the pinks and reds like I usually do.

Friday we grabbed Baby J from daycare and drove right across town to S&L's to meet them and A&S, and the babies r and j, for dinner and a movie. We used to get together like this so often but it had been so long and it was nice to see how the dynamic has changed now that our group of 6 is 9. It was also nice to curl up on the couch for a movie and know that when I just couldn't keep my eyes open another minute, no one would mind if I napped through the rest of the movie. Friends.

Baby J was an absolute champ. He fell asleep in their playpen (after a while, but it happened), transferred to the car, slept the whole way home and transferred to his crib and slept the night. It was a huge sleep success. Too bad I couldn't have been carried from the couch to the car to my bed.

Saturday was a lazy day but topped off by dinner with J's family. It's always nice to not have to cook, and even nicer when the meal isn't McDonalds. Not that there's anything wrong with McDonalds. Believe me, we had it earlier that day.

I'm guessing Sunday wasn't much of a social day because I have nothing on my calendar to jog my memory, but I do know that after the weekend, I was left with a feeling of accomplishment and contentment. We saw friends and family and got things done around the house. That, my friends, is a great weekend.

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