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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Back down to one

We said goodbye to our little Yaris last night. That's right - we sold it. In an attempt to save money ahead of Baby #2's arrival, we're cutting down on lots of things and an extra car is a big expense.

J did all the work - posting the car for sale, dealing with the thousands of spammers and phone calls and idiot buyers who didn't read the ad (It's a manual transmission? I don't want it anymore!), getting the car ready to sell and finally selling it. The only thing I did was accompany J to the bank so we could get out some money to pay off the car (we still had a year left of payments).

We have no car payments for the first time since early 2005 and our car insurance will drop. We're also extremely lucky to have the use of SJ's car while she's away for 3 months starting at the end of the month. It's win-win - she doesn't have to pay to store her car and we get to use it occasionally.

While we might stick with just the Mazda 3, the loose plan is to get another car sometime in February, one that will fit two car seats rear-facing. And don't worry, we already have our eye on something pretty.

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  1. I cannot wait to not have car payments. I still have two years left on my xterra. Looking forward to what you decide to get!