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Monday, November 8, 2010

14 months

Today Baby J is 14 months old. Where has the time gone?

This past month has been full of fun things. We took Baby J to the pumpkin patch where he picked out his very own pumpkin and he had his second Thanksgiving and Halloween. Halloween was overshadowed by the first snow of the year that crunches under little baby feet.

His little baby feet take him everywhere. He's such a mover and is now running and walking backwards. He climbs the stairs and goes down by himself and has started climbing everything else. The sitting trend continues and he's starting using his Bumbo chair again. He still loves reading and most of the time spent playing with him is spent reading to him. We have books in the three baby-proofed areas of the house because it's his favourite thing.

Just recently he started really making it clear what he wants. If he wants to be picked up he'll throw his arms in the air and make an insistent whiny sound. Same if he wants his water or a bottle or a cracker, he'll point or reach towards it until you give it to him.

But he's not only communicating by pointing and whining, he's started saying MAMA and DADA. Hearing him practice saying MAMA over and over melts my heart. It's so cute. Eventually he'll understand that it's me, but for now I'm just happy he can make the right sounds. His first word was possibly HI which he says whenever he picks up the phone and puts it to his ear (or neck). He still doesn't do it every single time though so we're not sure and I think we'll wait for something more obvious.

He evened out the number of teeth with the next bottom one (his 8th) finally popping through, but then we found a molar on the top is through the gums too. The other 3 molars are threatening, but as far as we can tell still haven't cut. With all these teeth, we've been trying to be diligent about brushing his teeth. So far it's been pretty sporadic and disastrous, though some times he's a champ about it.

He's growing! He doesn't fit into most of his 6-12 or 9 month clothing. He's filling out the 12-18 month stuff I got for him and we don't have to roll up the legs on the pants anymore. We had to move him up to size 4 diapers and even though they look ridiculously big on him, he can still overflow them. We weighed him - he's about 23 pounds. A big growth spurt.

Unfortunately for us, a big growth spurt means a hungry baby which means waking up in the night to eat. It's only been the past few days that he's slept through the night. I hope this trend continues.

The trend I hope slows and fades away is how much he hurts himself. Such an active kid means he's constantly falling and bumping into things. He managed to face plant onto a concrete floor and had a great big bump and bruise on his forehead and later on fell into one of his toy buckets and had a bloody lip. These are just the most obvious and painful of the cuts and scrapes and bruises this past month.

Some other fun things are that he can now point to his nose and he's added another dance move. This one's a slinky one, hard to describe but hilarious. I think the girls at daycare must have taught him that one. We're also working on blowing kisses.

And that's it for my little man. Always on the go, always having fun.

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  1. Wow. It seems like yesterday that his bear was twice his size!!!