October | The Life of K: October

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well hello October. So nice to see you. Except you brought pink eye with you.
The dreaded pink eye so that my baby boy looks perpetually sad and cannot go to day care. So that J and I have to alternate who stays home with Baby J, fighting to get drops into his puffy eyes. So that we are constantly washing and wiping and disinfecting and wondering if that itchiness we feel is real or imagined.

October, I hope you end better than you began.


  1. Oh man! What a picture! Booo pink eye, that's super gross, poor bunny!

    You guys must be handwashing germophobes by now eh?

    I thin kyou can consider this an extension of September, I still feel strongly that October is gonna pick up. Fingers crossed for all your eyes!