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Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday pondering

Is it okay for a grown man to wear overalls to work? He is not a farmer but a government employee. Thoughts?


  1. useless fact: I used to always have a hard time remembering the difference between overalls and coveralls.

    I'd say that overalls are not generally considered acceptable office attire. It wouldn't be my choice. But really, it is casual friday after all, isn't it? As long as he leaves the straw hat at home...

  2. Maybe it's the only thing that makes him feel normal at work. I don't know, I have a guy that comes to work in 100% denim all the time, a guy that wears plaid super tight pants and there's one guy that doesn't wear shoes at work at all, just socked feet. That same guy came to work in his PJs once too, I wish I were joking.

    So, my reality of a government workplace might be a bit skewed from the norm.

  3. Well, it is better than the Canadian Tuxedo M was just talking about ...

    I'd say nothing gets more casual Friday than overalls ... go with it!