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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall darkness

It happens every year but I never seem ready for it. The calendar marches on through September and into October and the temperature falls and the days get shorter. And I have to go to work when it's still dark out.

I wondered how I've dealt with this before. How I got through the initial shock of it being so dark and feeling sad because I'm not seeing the sun and then it hit me. It's been a while. I didn't work last fall and winter.

I was able to get up in the morning, though I didn't get up at a regular time, and go back to bed when Baby J slept. I never HAD to get up every morning, get myself presentable, get everything together and drag myself out of the house.

Never mind getting another person ready for his day too (I'm talking Baby J, not J). The mornings are a big rush and happen by artificial lighting these days. And it's not all fun and games. Baby J screams like a banshee when he gets his diaper changed. Because, you know, it is a form of torture.

I'm lucky, though, and have a window at work so I see the sun, on the days it decides to come out. And it's not all bad - the air is crisp and the fall colours are beautiful, I don't sweat just being outside and everybody likes the warmness of a soft scarf around their neck. Some days I wish I could go lie in a hot tanning bed and soak in some sun or go lie on a white sand beach for a week.

I'll have to make due with the occasional sunny day seen through tinted office windows and looking at vacation pictures from past trips. That and maybe some vitamin D supplements.

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  1. Oh man, I start on the vitamin D in september, every day right until march or so. I think it helps a lot. This morning my bed did that thing where it was the perfect temp, super cozy and warm. Tough to get up for sure, but I find I sleep more soundly in the winter.

    And the one thing about dark mornings and work are, when the sun rises really late here (mid morning) even when I'm late to work it feels like I'm getting a super hero jump on the day. I'm hoping that feeling doesn't wear off. Others in my area get really down with the approaching dark and winter holidays are really common, either to avoid the beginning of the descent, or in Feb/march when it' s been dark too long. Sunlight really affects well being.