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Monday, October 18, 2010

5 months

Half the time I forget I'm pregnant so weekly updates are impossible. Monthly updates seem doable though. As long as they aren't too boring. You would tell me, right? Short and sweet.

How far along are you: 5 months
Recent appointments: Saw the midwife last week. Everything looks good.
Total weight gain: Up 8 pounds so far.
New symptoms: Massive headaches that I'm hoping are associated with the cold I'm fighting and some random back pain.
Best moment this month: Being able to feel the baby on the outside and having J feel it too.
Food cravings / aversions: Back to drinking milk which only happens when I'm pregnant.
Belly button in or out: Still in. Hopefully it stays that way.
What do you miss: Being able to take something other than Tylenol when I'm sick.
What are you looking forward to: Getting some not-so-pleasant things out of the way in the next month (gestational diabetes testing and the rhogam shot).



  1. Thanky for the update! :)

  2. Cute! I know many people who are pregnant right now and due around the same time. Apparently it was a busy spring!

  3. You look great K! Only 8 pounds so far? Good for you!

  4. Wow only 8 lbs, lucky girl!! You look great!