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Friday, October 8, 2010

13 months old

That Baby J is 13 months old today almost escaped me. It's been such a long and tiring week battling pink eye and associated sicknesses. I'm happy to report that he seems to be almost back to normal.

Pink eye is a gross thing. If you saw the picture from the last post, you have some idea what was going on. Baby J's eyes were gooping grossness, his nose was dripping and he still has the cough that's been bothering him for a month or so. The poor guy hates (HATES) having his face wiped and to get the eye drops in and working properly, his eyes have to been cleaned off first. There was a LOT of screaming. He had a fever on and off and only went to daycare once this whole week.

But let me tell you something to warm your little heart. Wednesday morning, I didn't call our daycare provider to tell her Baby J wasn't coming. I assumed she knew (my mistake). Her daughter, who loves Baby J, sat at the door waiting and waiting. She finally convinced her mom to call. She was upset she didn't get to see Baby J that day. Thursday we thought the eye drops were working and dropped him off. Apparently he was mauled by the kids. They kissed him and hugged him and fought over who got to play with him. They really do like him.

Okay, let's talk about the past month. Not much is new. Baby J did his second race. Back in May we did the family 2K at Race Weekend. Baby J and I walked the 5K Army Run, well Baby J sat in his stroller and tried putting his hat on his head and threw his sippy cup over and over. Such a trooper.

We got him a ball pit, which he absolutely loves. He goes in it at least every day and loves throwing the balls out and when we pile the balls on his lap. It was around the time we got the ball pit that he started sitting. While playing and in the bath now, he'll sit. It's new.

He gets so messy eating and has to have baths more frequently. When his hair is wet, it's obvious how long it's gotten and J couldn't take it anymore and went at it with scissors. Baby J's curls are gone. I miss them, but I get it. I always told J he could do what he wanted with the baby's hair once he was a year old.

Baby J will do some party tricks - he'll stomp if you ask him to, clap on command, throw his arms up if you ask him who the winner is and stick out his tongue, though we're still working on the last one.

The funnest thing about Baby J now are his dance moves. He's added turning in circles to his repertoire - he bops and bounces and turns in circles giggling. It's quite cute. He still loves the theme song to How I Met Your Mother and we'll play it over and over just to get him dancing.

He's a fun little guy and I can't wait for him to get over this pink eye or whatever it is so he can go back to his usual giggly self.


  1. It's so cute all the things he can do! What a few short months will do... can't wait!

  2. He's so cute! Glad the pink eye is under control. Hope he's feeling better!