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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 Thanksgiving

For the last three years we've had a wedding on Thanksgiving weekend. This year? No wedding. And it's a good thing because none of us is healthy.

So instead of donning our best and celebrating a union, we're taking it easy and letting family cook for us. We managed to space out the family meals this year, which makes the whole weekend less stressful and easier on the stomach.

Saturday we had dinner with J's family and since his grandparents were out of town, it was, I think, the smallest Thanksgiving dinner we've ever had with his side of the family. It was really low key but the food was really good and I got to satisfy my jello craving. Baby J tried turkey for the first time - he immediately throws white meat on the floor but will eat dark meat.

Today, which is 10/10/10, and I'm sure a day when tons of couples are tying the knot, we had dinner with my family. We took the scenic route there in order to get Baby J a nap he desperately needed, but it was cut short with a massive coughing fit. No matter, after the initial playing strange and running to me, he was fine. This time he has gravy on his turkey and loved it. It was a nice little dinner, probably the best we've had with my family in a long time.

It's always nice to see my brother and his girlfriend. I love seeing my brother interact with Baby J. This time last year, when Baby J was just wee, my brother wasn't sure what to do and ended up putting the baby right on the table after a few seconds holding him. I was worried he would never really get it, but now that Baby J can interact, they get along great.

Baby J showed off his dance moves and his party tricks (clapping on command and throwing his hands in the air when asked who's the winner) and didn't fall asleep on the drive home.

Definitely a low key, low stress Thanksgiving weekend, full of family and food and good times. To cap off the long weekend, tomorrow we're headed to a farm to introduce Baby J to pumpkins.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I guess it was a huge day yesterday for Chinese weddings since 10 is a lucky number. october has 5, Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday in it, and I guess that only happens every 800 and some years. There's a useless fact for you!

  2. Sounds like you guys are overdue for a relaxing Thanksgiving! Have fun at the pumpkin patchy, take lots of pics! :)