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Monday, September 13, 2010


Baby J is absolutely spoiled, aka. we have the best family and friends ever. He is one lucky little boy.

Saturday we had a little party for him at our place. We invited our friends with babies around his age, some I hadn't seen since attending a local playgroup while on mat leave. It was really nice to catch up and see Baby J around his friends. He acted shy at first, constantly running over to either me or J, but eventually went around playing.

I blew up a ton of balloons and of course there were toys everywhere. I didn't go all out on food, but did the usual veggie tray, cheese and crackers and chips. And what would a party be without cupcakes?

Once most people had left and the dust settled, I realized how well it went. Other than getting groceries Friday night, we managed to do all the prep Saturday morning. I was even able to squeeze in a nap late morning. And, with the help of our friends, that night it hardly looked like we had had people over at all. Amazing.

I had specifically asked people not to buy anything for Baby J, but I know what it's like.. buying stuff for babies and kids is fun. He ended up getting toys and clothing and books. Like I said, he's spoiled.

Last night we had dinner with J's family. It was a celebration for Baby J and J's birthdays and also SJ who's home from working overseas. A night complete with party decorations, pizza, cake and presents. This time, Baby J and J were spoiled. Baby J spent a long time playing with his new toy boat and cars and J held off while we were there (somehow) but played with his new iPod touch when we got home. My boys and their toys....

Thank you to everyone for making my baby's first birthday so special.

And by the way, Baby J had his one year appointment and got his shots last Thursday. Stats: 19.5 pounds and 30.5 inches. Long and lean, officially.

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