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Monday, September 27, 2010

K&S get married

When we got the invitation to K&S's wedding, we weren't sure we would go. It was being held two hours away and no kids allowed. We thought of bringing friends with us who could watch Baby J while we went to the wedding (expensive!) but we settled on leaving Baby J in town with J's parents and not staying the night.

Almost everything worked out perfectly. J's parents showed up while Baby J was napping. We had prepped his lunch and bottles and told them about our routines and managed to get out of the house only 5 minutes later than planned.

The best part about going to other people's weddings is that it's not my wedding. If I constantly repeat that to myself, I don't care if my hair doesn't look perfect or if I look not-yet-pregnant-just-fat.

When I say almost everything worked out, well, we missed the ceremony. It was frustrating navigating through all sorts of construction and following behind leafers (people out for a slow drive to look at the changing colours) driving super slow. It didn't matter because it wasn't my wedding. We got there in time for the little reception post-ceremony and found our friends. Most everyone was staying the night so we were able to hang out in a posh hotel room and drink and eat and have fun.

After that was dinner and dancing and typical wedding things like speeches and kissing. Our table was way in the back and J had a monster headache so we were pretty low key. Our table was the lame table - 3 couples hardly drinking because the babies were at home and we were leaving that night. Either way, we had a good time. K&S looked like they were having a great time.

I really cannot believe how common DSLR cameras are now. It seemed like probably half the people there had one. Do any of them know how to use them? How many do you think have read the manual? I felt out of place with my little point and shoot, though for the amount of pictures we took (5) I think it did a fine job.

We got home around 12:30am and collapsed into bed. I had already slept a little in the car. Baby J was a doll and slept in a little. J was awesome and got up so I could sleep in a little bit, then we traded off so he could nap. Both my boys were napping so I was able to do some catch up - laundry, organizing pictures (I'm 4 months behind - I was doing so well!) and just sitting.

I'm already looking forward to a little bit of time off before Baby #2 comes so that I can do all sorts of organize-y things that are floating around my head. That and sit on the couch watching all sorts of new tv ignoring my to-do list.


  1. I totally agree that the best part about weddings is that it is not your wedding. It is fun to just go and relax and enjoy!

  2. I love weddings! Well, more honestly, I love receptions :) We get so few chances to get out that I go to all of them. Of course, our kids are finally old enough to go and act like crazy animals on the dance floor and that's even more fun than going alone!