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Thursday, September 2, 2010

The belly

Here we go again. My belly is starting to grow and it's not just bloating anymore, it's baby. And so begins the journey to me being unable to see my toes.

So far I'm actually about the same size I was this time last time and have gained a little less. We have an ultrasound in a few weeks where we'll be able to tell the gender - fingers crossed baby cooperates! Any guesses?

I guess I should mention that I'm 16 weeks along so about three and a half months. I was sick at first but it went away about a month ago. Now I'm just ridiculously tired and I'm not always enjoying the heat. I can't really complain though. I have it easy compared to some people.


  1. thank goodness that the nausea has disappeared!

    re: gender, no particular feeling but it would be nice for Julia to have another girl in her crew so she's not totally outnumbered by boys...

  2. Well I'D still complain, but maybe that's just me :-) giiiiiiiirllllllll!

    I love these smiling happy photos. Busy woman!

  3. I'm catching up right now, didn't know you were pregnant -- congrats!!!!!