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Friday, August 6, 2010


Wasn't it so nice of Baby J to share our news? Time for an updates post because now that the news is out I can talk more freely. This new baby is due mid-February when Baby J is almost a year and a half old.

The first three months of pregnancy are hard. You have this enormous secret and are bursting to tell everyone but wait, what was that feeling? Is the baby okay? Between not sleeping well and feeling like vomiting almost constantly I was a pleasure to be around.

I was also dealing with the stress of going back to work and sending Baby J to daycare. I pride myself on being a laid back parent but I will admit that I was worried. I was thinking about all the things I didn't do or things I did wrong during my time off with the kid, how I'd made it more difficult for him to transition to daycare, to being away from me.

Losing sleep because I'm worrying too much is so foreign to me and so horrible when I'm exhausted beyond belief. My new bed time is 9pm.

We may have a non-mover on our hands. This new little baby, steadily growing inside of me, doesn't seem to be a bit like Baby J. We had an ultrasound earlier this week. The baby was curled in a little ball and moved its hand a few times.

I'm going to enjoy the next 6 months with J, my Baby J and my growing belly. Things sure will be different with two little ones!

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  1. yes they definately will be different, but more fun!! Hope you're feeling better now