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Friday, August 13, 2010

A little time for me

Time is lacking in my life these days. Specifically time for myself. The life of a working mom is a busy one and I never realized what that meant until I jumped back into work and sat back and watched the results.

Our house slowly got messy and dirty and laundry piled up and the food was eaten. No time for tidying or cleaning or laundry or groceries. It quickly got out of hand - the house was gross and we were eating out more often than not.

That's when I knew I needed to suck it up and get things done. Here's what my days look like: Every morning I drop Baby J off at daycare at 7am. I get to work for 7:30 and leave at 3:30. I pick Baby J up at 4 and head home. By this point, we're both starving so I grab the bag of goldfish crackers (best kid snack ever!) and water and take the kid outside. We chat with the neighbours and wait for J to get home.

J gets home and we begin the mad rush of getting dinner ready while entertaining our exhausted baby who is still getting used to daycare and moving from two naps a day to one. We eat and giggle at our "winner" (Baby J throws his arms up in the air if you ask him who the winner is - it's adorable!) After dinner we have a little bit of time before Baby J goes to bed so we hang out with him.

By the time he's asleep I'm ready for bed and that's what I've been doing lately, going to sleep early. That seemed like the best use of my time. And it is a good use of time for a pregnant woman, believe me!

What's you don't see in my day is time for myself or time for my house, not to mention some time alone with J. I feel like I gogogo all day just to crash into bed at night.

Being busy and away on the weekends doesn't help. I'm guessing most of the house stuff will happen on the weekends from now on, unless I am magically able to stay awake later than 9pm. This past weekend we packed up and went to the cottage Friday night. Possibly not our best idea since it got down to 8 Celsius that night. It was pretty cold all weekend and no one slept well. We came home early Sunday to do a few loads of laundry before going to E&J's wedding.

The wedding was beautiful and extravagant and wow! Baby J didn't last so J took him home early. I stayed as long as I could but was home a little before midnight. It took a while to not be a zombie after that late night, and yes, I realize I'm getting old.

Not every weekend will be full of plans like that one, though I say that and this weekend we're heading out Saturday morning for R&M's wedding and then straight to the cottage from there. I'm really looknig forward to next Thursday and Friday when we're back home and still on vacation.

Vacation when I just went back to work? Yep, the daycare is closed so we took the week off. It'll be a nice break from my new busy life. I'm already planning on getting a tan, getting my hair cut and going shopping. Oh, and catching up on house work and laundry and getting groceries. Those fun things that always need doing.

But the time for me, I'm trying to work that into every day. I figure if I give myself a little time, I'll be a happier person and will have more time for other things. Wishful thinking perhaps, but I'm starting out small. I'm dedicating a few minutes each night to floss my teeth. I told you it was small. Once the summer is over and things calm down a little, I'm going to try and go to a yoga class once a week and maybe some lane swimming.

Start small and hopefully achieve my goals. That doesn't sound too hard, does it? How do you fit everything into your day?

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