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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Don't tell me what to do

As a kid, I hated being told what I couldn't do. If anyone told me I couldn't do something, I did it. It led me to things like football and poetry.

Lately, I've been annoyed when people tell me what to do. "Have a nap. You're tired." That's the worst one because I am tired. And because I'm tired I'm probably cranky. And because I'm pregnant I probably also have a headache (thank you pregnancy hormones). And guess what? I'll nap if I want to nap.

And? I'm at work! I'm not going to nap at work. You know, the most relaxing, refreshing sleep you'll ever get? Isn't in your crappy office chair at your hard desk with people chatting about pesticides and office politics.

Please don't tell me what to do. And while we're talking about what not to do, please don't touch my belly.

What gets you riled up? Please share!


  1. What gets me from zero top raging in one second flat is people telling me things we all know I should know better, like wht I think about something, or what I saw. Like, if I say, "oh I liked movie X" and they say "no you don't, you like Y" or I can say I know someone and they say no you don't. Like they need me to prove it? or something?

    Somewhere in the far reaches of my brain, I know they are trying to reconcile something they thought about me or thought I said/heard/am, but my reptile brain is shouting "I JUST TOLD YOU WHAT I THINK. THAT IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE".

    That, and people who don't pull over for emergency vehicles. Makes me wish I owned a plow to nudge them off the road myself.

  2. I HATED it when people would touch my belly...or say something like "oh are you sure it's not twins"...yes thank-you very much I am pretty sure I would know it AND incase I didn't already feel like a whale thanks for pointing it out. Well I won't have to deal with that again!
    And I hate when people stop and stare when my kids are throwing a case I wasn't embarrassed enough.
    AND when people slow down traffic even more to look at an accident.
    I should get off my soapbox now :)

  3. It's funny because before I was pregnant I never thought it would bother me to have people reach out and touch my belly.

    Now that it has happened to me, and even though it was a close friend, it totally freaked me out!

    Naps at your desk are wonderful. You just sit up, have your hands placed at your keyboard, and close your eyes. Wake up 10 mins later refreshed! Sometimes you just can't help it.