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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This is my last week of maternity leave. This is also Baby J's last week at home. I start work and he starts daycare full time Monday.

It all kinda snuck up on me and all of a sudden I'm on the phone with the daycare provider asking about transitioning my little man to full time. She suggested three mornings this week. Three mornings where I could do anything I wanted.

I'm struggling with the freedom.

And Baby J is struggling in general. Yesterday was his first morning there. I had to wake him up because our mornings will start earlier than they do now most days. J left for work and I packed the baby in the car and headed over. Everything was going well until other people started showing up. I took Baby J to say good bye and when I handed him to the provider he started crying.

Full on sad face, quivering bottom lip, panicky eyes and then huge tears.

I ran out. I was crying before I got to the car.

My awesome time all by myself with nothing to do... wasn't so awesome. I decided I would clean the house and nap if I wanted. Well, I wasn't tired so I got a lot of cleaning done. The morning seemed to drag on and on. I vacuumed and dusted and swept and tidied. Finally it was time to grab some food and get back over there.

As soon as he saw me he started crying. But apparently he did well for those 4 hours. He played and had some breakfast. He napped and played outside. The one thing he didn't so well was eat formula.

He was starving and exhausted and I was tired so when we got home we had some food and naps. The rest of the afternoon was weird - Baby J was really clingy and whimpery. He cried when I went to the bathroom and often put his head on the ground and just lay there.

He didn't go to bed well even though he was obviously tired. J dealt with bedtime and I was convinced all the crying was because I didn't put him to bed. He finally settled and slept through the night.

Today has been a pretty normal day for us except Baby J has been the same as yesterday, clingy and whimpery. This transitioning is tougher than I expected. I wonder if taking the plunge would have been easier. My last week at home is leaving me with an unhappy baby and a clean house. It isn't what I was expecting.


  1. It's so hard going back to work. I was lucky in a way having my mother in law watch Ethan because it wasn't really any different for him. However since I babysat a little girl transitioning for the first time to a sitter after mat leave, I know how hard it was for her. I am sure he'll adjust (and you too!) Hang in there!

  2. Any mom who has "gone back to work" can feel your pain. I was really lucky with my second one... but had a much harder time with my first. Transition is harder for some than others - but like "the full nelso" said, you (and he) will adjust in time. hang in there!

  3. In my experience, nothing is as you expect it to be when we are talking about kids. I am sure he will do just fine once he gets into a routine...and so will you. Hang in there, Mamma!