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Saturday, July 10, 2010

One two three four five six!

J and I have been married for six years today. Six years ago it was pretty warm and rained right when we went outside to take pictures. Our day flew by and I don't remember a lot of what actually happened.

I do remember a little stop at Tim Horton's after the reception on our way to the hotel. Remember it was July, not around the time that school finishes. A group of girls asked us if we were coming from our prom. No, we answered, we just got married. They giggled and gushed and we took our donuts and left.

We spent most of our anniversary this year apart. J played in HOPE while I stayed home with Baby J. Thankfully we got to have dinner together and the kid wasn't cranky like he was all day. But cranky babies go to bed early so we got to spend the night together watching tosh.0, a hilarious show.

Nothing much to report except my relationship is awesome and happy anniversary to us. For last year's anniversary post, which has way more content, go to my old blog here.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! we went to the swiss chalet drivethrough after our wedding ceremony as it was a couple hours before the reception. I barely fit in the car my dress was so puffy! Enjoy your next year together!