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Friday, July 2, 2010

The not very Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day but it didn't really feel like it. Having Canada Day fall on a weekday other than Friday or Monday always makes for a strange holiday.

Years ago, a Thursday Canada Day would have meant a very hung over Friday at work. For some, that still happens. For us, it meant a day during the week with J home, aka, I get to sleep in! Absolute heaven.

We were planning on going to the neighbourhood kids activities but managed to really goof that up. We waited until after Baby J's first nap and then I was waiting for J to get ready and he was waiting for me to come upstairs. And then I was waiting for him to be done washing the cars and he was waiting for me to come outside. It was odd.

Eventually Baby J needed another nap and we missed the activities. Thankfully we got a last-minute invite to a friend-of-a-friend's bbq and we were able to get there. It was a medium-sized party with tons of food and lots of kids running around. We had a good time eating and drinking and chatting with people we didn't know, but Baby J had enough by about 8:30 so we packed up and went home.

We saw some fireworks from the car and more from our house. We heard the bangs long into the night. Thankfully Baby J slept through his first Canada Day night and today is a day like every other week day: J is at work and I'm home with Baby J.

Happy Canada Day!


  1. Happy Canada Day! I went to Alaska for Canada day and instead of fireworks, I saw a while store dedicated to Sarah Palin. About half the products seemed like they could have been made by SNL, but they were in earnest (You Betcha!). Kinda surreal. Also, I had a shop assistant tell me "Isn't canada day tomorrow?" uhhh nope. And he asked what it's about. He did remember the Queeen though, so I guess that's something.

    I found cherry and passion fruit tic tacs though, that was awesome.

  2. Happy Canada Day! We had a low key day followed by a BBQ and fireworks at a friend's house. It did make it strange to have today as a normal day though!

  3. It seemed like a Sunday to me..sleeping in too! :)

    Too bad, hubby had to go back to work today.

    Glad you able to watch fireworks, and celebrate Canada Day.