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Friday, July 16, 2010

Long week

This has been a long week and a hard week.

I naively thought I would be totally fine dropping Baby J off at daycare. I wasn't. Thankfully every time it's gotten a little better. Next week will still be hard as Baby J adjusts to being there full time and I adjust to sitting at a desk trying to be productive.

J and I got to go see Arcade Fire at Bluesfest though, and that was probably the highlight of my week. Bluesfest, if you don't know, is an outdoor festival with hardly any blues acts at all. Walking around the grounds, waiting in line for a porta-potty, drinking bottled water and smelling aromatic smoke took me right back. I haven't been to that sort of thing for years.

We were lucky enough to have J's mom come over and Baby J was really good for her. We were home around 11pm (11pm! on a school night!) Half an hour later the screaming started. Poor Baby J was inconsolable. The transitioning to day care, the new teeth popping through, the cough and cold developing.. I guess it was all too much. We had to wrangle him to get some Tylenol down but not before squirting a full dose on my arm (mmm banana-smelling stickyness). He finally went to bed and we collapsed too. It was way past our bedtime after all.

And then the coughing started. I don't know that Baby J has ever coughed much. Sure, when he's gagging on food he'd cough, but then you're watching your kid's face turn red and wondering if you'll be able to whack him just right to dislodge the chunk of food.. you're distracted. So this coughing thing is strange but I found some homeopathic drugs he can take and they seem to really help.

And I just noticed today that he has another tooth coming through on the top, for an uneven total of 5. It must be bothering him because he's been biting more often. I had to laugh last night when he bit the couch and I yelled OUCH! really loud. I'm trying to train myself to react not with a "No!" but with "Ouch!" It's easier to say ouch when he's biting inanimate objects as opposed to my arm.

So to end the week, Baby J is asleep, I napped all morning, pretty Sandy is one year older and J is on his way home from work. I'll be making good use of my time this weekend and savouring my last couple of days off before the big return to work. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! It's never easy returning to work. I am sure you'll all adjust fine though and Baby J will be loving daycare before you know it!

  2. good luck. I am sure it isn't easy...