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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting to know me, anniversary weekend

I hate having all sorts of blog posts with the same title. I don't really consider anniversary celebrations worthy of lasting more than one day... unlike birthday celebrations which should last a solid week or even two depending... but I needed something to differentiate today's blog post from all the other Sunday posts. I'm done explaining myself to you!

On with the game!

1. What is YOUR definition of sexy?

It's all about the confidence.

2. Would you rather clean up puke or change a poopy diaper?

That's a definite poop, please! The absolute worst was being puked on (all over my front, down my shirt) by a very sick baby who had also just filled his diaper with sick poop that smelled rancid. I was going up to change him when J came in to ask if he could help, knowing that I was getting goosebumps because the once-warm puke was cooling on my skin. I didn't get a chance to answer him between gags because he ran tot he bathroom and started puking. I was covered in now-chilly puke, changing one of the worst smelling diapers ever, gagging while listening to puking. It was AWFUL but it makes for a GREAT story!

3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Either way, I'm not a definitely one or the other. Some days, some situations I am completely extroverted and others I'm a complete wall flower. Overall though I never understood when an introvert tried to explain being drained of energy when around other people so I would have to say that I am an extrovert.

4. If you had to give up one of your 5 senses for a year.. which one would you give up?

Probably my hearing. Either that or my sight. I think the deaf and the blind are incredible in how they have to adapt to the world. Without my sight though I couldn't drive and I would hate to rely on others or public transit to get everywhere. Plus I think it would be so claustrophobic. (I just had to learn how to spell that word because I've never written it before.)

5. Cake or pie?

Cake, but I definitely like pie too. We had some great pie last week. It was a banana cream pie and the crust was delicious. A bad crust can ruin any pie.

6. If you could play any character on tv (old or current) who would you play?

I am completely stumped. I'll think of something and let you all know.

7. My favourite website is...?

I always have open Gmail and my calendar and reader, Facebook and Twitter, my blog and dashboard and the Baby Center forums. I have a ton of sites in my GReader and I can't picka favourite, though I did just find out about BargainMoose Canada which is an awesome site about sales IN CANADA. So much on the internet is geared towards the US that it's nice to have some Canadian content.

8. The highlight of my day is...?

Seeing Baby J's face light up when J comes home. He loves his dad.

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