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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back to work

Well friends, I did it. I went to work and Baby J went to daycare and the earth is still spinning.

Monday was tough. I didn't sleep well Sunday night because of this damn cold so getting up and getting myself ready was interesting. Thankfully J had the day off so he took care of getting Baby J ready and brought him to day care. Poor guy cried, the little one I mean.

I was at work at 7:30am. One of the commissionaires gave me my pass so I didn't need to be escorted to my desk. I found my new desk with the help of a coworker and promptly went downstairs for some tea. I survived an hour of a team meeting - important because I switched teams and really don't know what my new team does - and another 45 minutes of "this is what we do". After that I was done.

I packed up and came home. I napped on the couch all afternoon and was quite happy to see my baby when J went and got him. He was incredibly hungry and tired. We fed him lots and were amazed when, at 6:30pm, he was passed out in his crib.

More amazed when we had to wake him up at 6:30 this morning. I slept well last night too and woke up feeling much better. J didn't have the day off so we both got ready and managed to get ourselves out the door, though J was late for work. We're still figuring out how to get everything done in the morning.

Dropping Baby J off at daycare this morning was pretty bad. I had to peel his little hands and feet off me and hand him screaming over the the daycare provider. I ran out of there.

I lasted the whole day, but felt like crap after 1pm. I went and picked up Baby J who didn't cry when I got there. He wasn't as tired or as hungry as yesterday so we both ate a bit when we got home and went outside to wait for J to get home.

We just finished playing and eating dinner. Baby J's babbling away in his crib and I'm internetting a bit before passing out. This working business is tiring.

I should mention: Baby J is walking everywhere! He's a walking machine.


  1. Glad that you survived heading back to work, despite feeling like crap! It will get easier I'm sure!

  2. I am glad you survived. I am sure it isn't easy. Good luck!

  3. The first days are always so hard! Hope things get easier and you feel better!