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Friday, June 4, 2010

Update on Sandy

Sandy was at the vet Wednesday to have her teeth checked. Baby J and I dropped her off in the morning and J went with Baby J to pick her up at night.

She had a rotten tooth and the vet wanted to check the rest of her teeth. Best case scenario: it was an isolated incident and the rest of her teeth are absolutely fine. Worst case: she has all her teeth pulled because they are all rotten and infected.

The reality was somewhere in between. The vet had to pull a lot of her teeth because they were infected. She's left with 10. She has cans of wet food until her mouth heals and last night she was incredibly loopy from all the drugs, but seems much better now.

It's unnerving seeing your cat with fully dilated pupils and wobbling around like a drunk. But she slept with me like always and is a pretty happy little cat even if she has to gum her food.


  1. Aw, poor Sandy! Thanks for the update. Hope she feels better soon :)

  2. Hey, glad to hear an update. That's tough (and likely expensive!). But I bet Sandy will feel so much better. We have just finished a course of antibiotics for Ludwig, he has an infection around a tooth as well, but nothing as severe as Sandy's case. I will say that Ludwig was born without many of his teeth (special snowflake) and eats smaller kibble just fine, rarely chewing anything. I'm sure Sandy will recover great and be better than ever.