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Monday, June 7, 2010

I have a 9-month-old!

So my little man is 9 months old and I thought about a gazillion pounds, okay, maybe 20. Not even close! He's 17.5 pounds. That's wee for a baby his age, only about the 25th percentile. But that's okay. He's a banana baby - tall and skinny - or, as some people would say, a super model baby. He's an inch away from the limit on his car seat, but almost 5 pounds away from the weight limit. According to the growth chart, he will be well over a year old if the limit was for weight only.

I have no startling announcements of walking and talking. No big milestones hit this month. I guess not every month can be like your eighth. Baby J has generally stayed the course. He is still sitting and crawling and cruising along everything. I would say he is more competent at all these things. He's also way better at getting down from standing, no longer falling haphazardly or slowly reaching until he makes his way down. It's up-down-up-down all day long. He is also crawling faster. And he's letting go when standing. He loves doing this on the couch where the landing is soft.

His new fascination is doors. He is constantly opening and closing doors, which is interesting if he's in the bathroom by himself - don't worry, it's all baby proofed - and closes the door. He always ends up right behind it so I can't open it again. Eventually he'll move enough for me to get in or I'll slowly push him out of the way with the door, skin squeaking as his body is pushed across the tile floor.

It seems like he's getting more teeth. His bottom gums were red a day ago but are back to their regular colour today. I was thinking he might push out the next two bottom teeth for a very uneven four on the bottom and none on top. Those teeth are sharp though! He chews on everything and will bite you if you aren't careful. We have to be very firm and repeat "no biting" over and over. The kid has to go to daycare in just over a month you know.

Baby J enjoyed his first trip that included a plane ride there and back and multiple dips in the frozen ocean waters. He traveled like a champ for the most part though sleeping was a little messed up the entire week away. I'd like to say he sleeps like a baby but just today he was up from 10:30am until almost 9pm. He fell asleep for two minutes on our way home from aquafit and then wouldn't nap. He fell asleep for a little bit in the car later but not even 30 minutes and he was awake again. Let me tell you, he was so tired and crying and hiccuping and why won't you go to sleep? He finally did and thankfully most days aren't like this. He only wakes at night if he's hungry.

After our big trip, he got sick. It was a monster cold that kept him awake. We tried out a homeopathic drug for colds that did the trick and our baby could sleep again. I don't know how we survived with a newborn and hardly any sleep. I was such a zombie.

Baby J's little personality is blossoming. He's such a charmer and is constantly looking for someone to smile at. He makes friends wherever we go. His giggle is slowly turning into a little boy giggle instead of a baby giggle. He does this funny thing where he'll baby crawl over to J in bed, slap his chest and then baby crawl over to me. I'll tickle him and he'll run back to J. Over and over and over. You should hear the giggles!

He's also taken an interest in animals much to Sandy's dismay. He'll chase her around the house and has actually caught up with her a few times. As with most babies, he wants to put everything in his mouth. I caught him with her tail in his mouth while she was recovering from her surgery and not acting too quickly. There was baby drool and matted kitty fur all over his face.

Last month my big goal was to get Baby J eating more solid food. That didn't happen so that remains my goal for this month. Ideally, Baby J will be eating three meals of solid food a day and eating less formula. Do you know how much formula costs? It will be much cheaper when he's eating regular food.

There you have it - my prince charming. Three quarters of a year old and quite the little charmer.


  1. I can't wait to meet him when I'm home visiting next! Every photo I see makes me want to squeeze him! :)

  2. Cute! he is a light weight! Sounds like he's into everything and keeping you busy. I am sure that he will pack on some pounds when he starts eating more solid food...then again look at Karington...not so much. She technically still shouldn't be forward facing but dude she's 20 months old!

  3. The tail in the mouth is hilarious!

    Solids are sooo much cheaper than formula. It is the best part about feeding lots of solids! We do 24 oz. of formula a day now, or just about one container a week. It used to be a lot more. I can do one a week!