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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Getting to know me

Ah Sunday. It's raining but I don't mind. I'm home and able to do whatever I want. I went to bed early last night and woke up by myself (as in not because the baby was crying). I watched some tv and ate leftover pizza and it's not even noon yet. It's a good day.

You know the deal: every Sunday I answer questions from Keely at MannLand5. I would love if you played too.

1. If a person has a booger in their nose and you can see it, do you tell them?

It really depends on how well I know them. There aren't many people I would tell.

2. What are you passionate about?

I'm not much of a love/hate, hot/cold person. I'm not very extreme so to say I'm passionate about something is really hard for me. There are things I like and things I do and things that make me smile, but a passion? Not so much.

3. How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging in 2004 right before my last university exams. Procrastinator? Absolutely. I blogged at nananabatman from March 2004-November 2009 when I made the switch over here.

4. What is your favourite "summer" drink?

I don't have one. I drink tons and tons of water and sometimes need something different, something with flavour. And then there's beer and mixed drinks, but nothing screams summer.

5. What is your favourite type of music?

I think it would classify as alternative. I like Green Day, Weezer, Arcade Fire, and tons of new stuff. I'm a radio girl - the radio is always on.

6. Something I do before I go to bed is...?

I brush my teeth ch-ch-ch-chhhh. And I read. And normally I eat something.

7. My summer vacation plans are...?

Unfortunately my maternity leave is done mid-July so this summer I'll be going back to work. The daycare has a week of vacation in August so maybe we'll take that time to go to the cottage. Other than that, it'll be cottage weekends here and there and hopefully getting some colour on my skin!

8. My favourite must-have, can't live without, beauty product is...?

A toss up between my moisturizer and my lip stuff. Truthfully I don't wear much makeup - mascara only - and don't do much other than shower and shave. Beauty products aren't all that important to me.


  1. Good luck with the return to work. Hopefully you get lots of nice cottage weather!

  2. Back to work in the summer? Awww! But I hope you can still get ample time to get away to the cottage! :)