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Monday, June 21, 2010

First Cottage Weekend

Our cottage weekend was great. We left Friday night after J got home from work. We had taken our time getting everything together which allowed rush-hour to start and mostly end by the time we left. I wish I could say the two-hour drive was awesome and quick, but I can't. Baby J was all screwed up and screamed the whole way. We stopped in a small town along the way to feed him, give him some homeopathic drugs for teething (the baby's crying - must be teething!) and get some food for us. He chugged his bottle but still cried the rest of the way.

We got to the cottage and I made J go and get a bottle ready. Crying makes him mad, unreasonably and uncharacteristically so. It's like he thinks Baby J is crying because he hates him, not because we screwed up and didn't feed him enough before we left. Or something.

Either way, it was a long drive but we made it. And after feeding the cranky baby we waited for him to get tired. That took a while but eventually he was tired enough to sleep. We put his playpen in one of the bedrooms and set ourselves up in the room next door. Unfortunately the walls are paper thin so every time J hit the wall, Baby J would rustle around. We made it through the night.

Saturday the weather wasn't great in the morning but a dock had to be built, groceries needed getting and the baby needed a nap. By the afternoon, we were in our swimsuits ready for the sun. The boat J's parent's bought last year turned out to be perfect for our little guy. He could roam around and not get in to any trouble. We could sit and relax.

J got in some windsurfing and I got in some tanning. We had a great dinner with some family friends who stopped by and then an evening boat ride. Baby J was exhausted after only sleeping a bit in the morning and he was falling asleep in his life jacket. It was adorable. Poor guy fell asleep at 7:30, hours earlier than usual. We all went to bed early and slept like logs.

Sunday wasn't much of a cottage day. It never is with all the packing up that has to happen. We did manage family naps and we got Baby J in the water. He walked holding J's hands and loved it! Every so often he would let go and touch the water so that he could lick the water off his hand. The boy loves water.

We left after lunch and had a much nicer trip back to town. Baby J fell asleep about 10 minutes into the drive and slept the whole way home. The two hours flew by.

Baby J's first cottage weekend and our first of the year was a success.

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