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Monday, June 7, 2010


I felt a big sense of relief when we decided on a daycare provider for Baby J. It wasn't such a long process, but longer than I wanted it to be.

I learned about the Child Care Providers Resource Network (CCPRN) through a playgroup I take Baby J to Monday afternoons. I contacted them and was sent a list of home daycares in my area. Because I have to go back to work before he is a year old finding care in centers is impossible. Most of them, including the one in my building at work, start at 18 months.

There are options other than childcare centers or private home daycares such as agency-run daycares. I contacted some agencies that serve the city, but none had any daycares in our area. It seems people can go private and make a lot more money.

The CCPRN basically provides a list of private daycares by area. The daycares sign up with them. I got my list that had about 25 places and sent some emails to the places closest to us. I figured I would widen my search depending on the response I got.

Literally 2 hours after I sent out my first batch of emails I got two replies. I also heard back from a lot of people who didn't have a spot, but one woman sent me the names of two places with spots. I started setting up interviews. We decided to interview three home day cares.

The first one we saw, TJ, was perfect and that made the other two interviews almost a chore. We ended up choosing that first one after interviewing two others and then checking references. Add a week long trip in the middle and the whole process took almost a month.

The good thing is that we're decided. Baby J will be absolutely fine while we're both at work. He'll be in a loving and warm environment with 4 other kids only a couple streets away from our house.

The pressure of finding suitable childcare is off and I feel like I can enjoy the rest of my time off. And I might have even made a new friend - Baby J and I have a date with TJ later this week.


  1. Congratulations on finding a daycare! I know how hard it can be and it's great when the search is over :)

  2. I hated that search and was so glad when I didn't have to do to again after Karington. Glad you found someone you really like! It may be a good idea to have TJ watch Baby J for a couple hours here and there before you go back to work.

  3. Hey, that's great news! It's awesome TJ is so close to your place too. I hear that leaving a child at daycare can be tough, but let me tell you, I have a man on the inside at daycare and when you've got a good spot it is SO GOOD, for parents and for kids. Well done to have your ducks in a row.