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Monday, May 3, 2010

Successful Get Together

Saturday was a first. The first time we've had people over since having Baby J where it felt like it did pre-babies. Let me explain.

Over the past three or so years, J and I spent a lot of time with A&S and S&L. We've had dinners and parties, we explored new places and saw new things and we partied when A&S got married.

Then came the babies. Baby J and Baby R were both born last last summer and ever since then, our get togethers have not happened as often and when they do, they're often cut short because one baby or the other (or both!) is screaming.

That's what happens when you have a kid - your life changes. You have a huge responsibility and often you're so tired that you don't mind missing a night out here and there.

Saturday the 6 of us + babies got together to celebrate A's birthday. Almost a month late, but that's how it goes. We had snacks and dinner and watched a movie. Like normal people. The babies were very agreeable and went to bed at their regular bed times and slept. So novel.

We spent a lot of time laughing at the faces they made while tasting different foods and watching them play on the floor or crawl around.

Happy birthday, A. This time next year, you will have a little one of your own and our group will be up to 9. We'll try to keep Baby J and R from picking on the new baby.

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  1. It's fun when things start to get under control. I do find it easier to have people come over here...especially since we have the two kids and need to get Ethan into his bed too. Hopefully you get some more fun nights out!