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Saturday, May 8, 2010

My little 8-month-old baby

Baby J is 8 months old today. So much has happened this past month. The kid is crawling and standing and cruising the furniture. He has two teeth and is quite possibly working on the next two. He's a different baby than he was at 7 months.

This month, he went from rolling over and sitting to full-on crawling. He easily pulls himself up and can stand forever. He walks along the furniture especially if he sees the cat or the remote. We put him down on the floor in the basement (our family room, not the unfinished part) and he motors towards the tv so he can pull himself up. He pushes all the buttons and throws DVDs around. Or he motors towards the coffee table so he can grab at the books we have on the shelf or the candles on the table. It's non-stop action with this kid!

The biggest learning curve was how not to fall when standing. He fell so many times. There was a lot of crying while he learned how to not bang his head. Thankfully his forehead is padded because he was constantly bumping it. Now he's learned how to get down from standing, either by falling onto his bum (least preferred method and really only used when he's on the bed) or slowly leaning down, reaching with one hand while the other holds on tight. He also learned how to get from sitting to crawling and back again. He baby crawls over to wherever and plunks himself back sitting. He's incredibly mobile.

We've had to lower his crib to the lowest setting over the past month. Seriously, last month's picture it was at the top. Now it's at the bottom. Poor guy couldn't sleep for a while because he was constantly crawling around and standing. I often found him standing in his crib bawling. He was exhausted but he had to be moving.
But now that he can do all these things and has had ample time to practice, he's sleeping like a champ. He sleeps from 10pm-6 or 7am and naps three times a day. All in his crib, putting himself to sleep. No more are the nights of feeding him until he passes out and carefully moving him to his crib. No more are the marathon bouncing sessions in his bouncer while he fights his naps. It's incredible.

Combine that with a stronger appetite (most days) and we have a happy, growing baby. He doesn't see the doctor for another month but I wouldn't be surprised if he's gained some weight. Probably not a lot with all the movement, but some. Other new things: Baby J quickly went through the tongue sticking out phase, possibly because of teething, and can now sorta wave. We worked on that for weeks and finally he waved goodnight to J. We both laughed and congratulated him and felt incredibly proud. Now if only he would sign something.

Eating has been the same the past month. We give him whatever we're eating for dinner and he sometimes gets food during the day depending on things. He's getting better at handling food and almost has the pincer grasp down. This month I think I'll work on getting him eating more often during the day. Eventually he should be eating three meals a day. That's a lot of mess for me to deal with by myself!

Baby J seems to be expanding his sounds. He's nowhere near talking, but screeches and screams and squeals all the time. He's generally a happy little guy and when he's sleeping well and eating well, we're a happy little family.


  1. Reading these updates seriously make my heart SO happy! :) xo

  2. so cute! There is something about buttons that make babies oh so happy!!