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Friday, May 28, 2010


We decided long ago to take a trip with the baby while I was still off work. We decided on Halifax, Nova Scotia and booked cheap flights through Porter. I booked us a B&B on the Dartmouth side and a rental car with car seat. I was a booking machine.

First let me say that you should seriously fly Porter. It was awesome. No $8 sandwiches but no huge plane either. Drinks and breakfast were provided and everyone except the first guy at check in was super friendly. They had no problem with our stroller and let us take Baby J to meet the pilots when we landed.

We stayed at the Eastern Passage B&B which is in Eastern Passage, a small community south of Dartmouth, which is across the harbour from Halifax. Halifax and surrounding area isn't big and took us about 25 minutes to get from the airport to our B&B and maybe 20 minutes to get from downtown Halifax to our B&B. Our hosts were incredibly friendly and very accommodating. We were set up in a decent sized room with a queen bed and a play pen for the baby. We had our own bathroom and there was a common room and laundry available.

Turns out, sleeping in the same room with the kid wasn't a great idea. He got so excited that we were there that he had a hard time falling asleep. And we weren't too happy with lights out so early every night. Thankfully we were able to use another one of the rooms for Baby J and everyone slept better from then on.

We went to all the necessary touristy spots: Fisherman's Cove, Peggy's Cove, Point Pleasant Park, Rainbow Haven Beach, the Halifax Harbour, Pier 21 and the Citadel. Fisherman's Cove is actually located in Eastern Passage so we drove by it every day. We had dinner there twice and walked the boardwalk at low tide. Our hosts own a shop there and run private charters out of the cove
Peggy's Cove we saved until our last day to avoid the holiday Monday. It was windy and chilly but neat to see the lighthouse in person. It was also where we ate lobster. I knew my dad wouldn't be happy if I went to the East coast and didn't have lobster so I ordered it. When the waitress brought the placemat with instructions and the bucket for the shell I freaked out a little. J came to my rescue and took one for the team. He was smelling lobster juice the rest of the day.
Point Pleasant Park was devastated in 2003 by a hurricane, losing 70% of the trees. It was still beautiful and a nice walk. Black Rock in the park beach was much smaller than J remembered and therefore somewhat disappointing.
Rainbow Haven Beach was actually the first beach we went to. The first time Baby J saw the ocean and the first time his little feet learned the extreme cold of those waters. The kid cries when he's put down on the grass but apparently isn't afraid of a little sand and swallowed a handful before we could stop him. Note: Any sand swallowed must come out and it chafes. It was cold but the sky and clouds were amazing that day so we drove around and took lots of pictures.
We got to Halifax Harbour by taking the ferry over from Dartmouth. We went to the Maritime Museum and walked along the wharf to Pier 21 and back. It was windy and somewhat rainy but not enough to deter us. In the museum we learned all about the big explosion that flattened Halifax. A short video provided good opportunity to pack some food into hungry mouths.

We were also fortunate to catch up with J's cousin and his wife (G&J) who live out there and also his step-cousin (or something) S and her family (P, E and K). We had a nice Thai dinner with G&J. The only problem was the lack of change table in the bathroom. I changed a very dirty diaper on the floor in a storeroom in the basement. And this was after another diaper changing fiasco in a mall earlier that day where Baby J and I emerged from the bathroom forever later with only one of us wearing clothes.

We met S&P&E&K at Dingle Park and again dunked Baby J in the water. He was getting the hang of lifting his poor little toes away from the ice cold water. We were getting the hang of not letting him eat sand. We had a great time with them and joined them for fish and chips at their place. It was a great night.

Citadel Hill was one of the last things we did. It was warm and sunny and a nice little outing.
Overall it was a good trip though both J and I got sick, him way worse than me. Baby J traveled pretty well - the flight there was amazing but the flight back not so much. If we were to do it again, we'd take our own car seat because the rental one was crap but that's about all we'd do differently.
Traveling is great, but it's good to be home.

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  1. I'm glad we got to hang out! it was a fun time and great weather. You really lucked out with the weather because it's been FREEZING the past couple days!