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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wordless me

Life feels a little bit like that movie Groundhog Day where the day repeats itself over and over until the main character does something. Gets the point? Learns something? Grows as a person?

Obviously I paid attention.

Or I just don't have a good memory.

Ah! A story. Not much of one, but still! Something to say.

Yesterday, I came out with some strange fact that even J didn't remember. And he said that I have a good memory. Those words actually came out of his mouth. He said them to me. Me!

This is the guy who remembers everything. Random facts and names and dates and places and what song was playing on the radio and what embarrassing thing I did or said. Often he remembers things that I've told him and long forgotten. "Yeah, you told me that. Remember?"

Nope. That's what you're for.

So to be told by him that I have a good memory was just awesome. I laughed and basked in the moment, knowing that it might never happen again.

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  1. I have a terrible memory! Hate to see what happens as I get older!