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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seven months

That's right, another post on how old my baby is. You can expect these at least until Baby J is a year old. After that who knows.

On to the post! Baby J is 7 months old today and he's doing all sorts of new things. He can sit up on his own and is moving around on his stomach. It's close, but can't be called crawling. As soon as he gets his knees under him, there won't be any stopping him... not that much is stopping him now. When something catches his attention he motors over to get it, especially the laptop. He is developing a taste for anything electronic.

He sometimes sleeps on his stomach now that he has mastered rolling. Yesterday morning, J checked in on him before going to work only to find him fast asleep with his bum in the air.

He can pull himself to standing but not sitting. I find that a little backwards, but babies are pretty random.

Just yesterday he started sticking out his tongue. I had him on my lap and it startled me and I burst out laughing. That made him laugh but his tongue was still sticking out so it was muffled. So cute!

Still no teeth, which I find surprising since he's been cranky and drool-y on and off for what feels like months.

Yoga and Kindermusik have both ended and we had our last Salsa Babies class today. I picked up a swim suit so he doesn't shiver through our aquafit class next week. With only one planned activity during the week, we'll be focusing on sleep.

Food has been an adventure. He's had all sorts of veggies and meat and bread and cereal. He is very deliberate in picking up a piece of food and can transfer it between hands. He absolutely loves to drink water and lunges for the cup.

We recently moved him up to a size 3 diaper though by weight he could still fit into size 2s. He's about 16 pounds now and growing out of his 3-6 month clothing but only because he's too long.

We definitely have some days where he hasn't sleep well the night before and won't nap and is super cranky, but overall he's still a happy baby. If I had to describe him though, I would say that he's always on the move. He is constantly moving his arms or kicking his legs, or motoring around on the floor. The kid just doesn't stop. A chill baby is not in my future.


  1. Aww, he sounds so sweet! My daugther will be 7months on the 14th. She is crawling, standing up, has two teeth so they are doing about the same! It's always good to see how other kids are doing around the same age!
    Looking forward to read next month and what he has learned by then! :) The first year is so amazing, they learn so much!!
    He is such a handsome lil boy!!

  2. Cute! sounds like he's going to be a very busy little boy, especially when he starts power crawling into everything! The laundry basket has always been a favourite thing for my babies to play in...especially after there are nice warm clothes from the dryer in it!

  3. What finger foods are you feeding? And how do you feed him bread? Luke is the same age and I'd like to try...

  4. @Lina: I know what you mean but I try so hard to not compare my baby to other babies!

    @The Full Nelson: I never thought of the laundry basket for Baby J. Playing in the warm laundry is a typical cat thing to do though.

    @Genevieve: We started with broccoli and carrots and have given him pretty much every vegetable we've eaten and most meats. We don't eat bread often but have given him pieces of hot dog buns and little melba toasts. Basically anything that the baby can hold on to with a part sticking out (broccoli is perfect for this - baby holds the stem and munches on the floret part). My advice: Try it! Grab something off your plate and see if Luke with grab it. Good luck!