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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Now that I have a kid I need to ramp up my responsible side. It's one thing to not take care of myself and quite another to not take care of my baby.

We've been enjoying some seriously nice weather for the time of year. Normally we get hit with a big snowstorm every spring, but I can't remember the last time it snowed.

Yesterday I met J's family at a coffee shop in a nice area of town. We sat on the patio and drank our drinks and watched the people walking by. It was early afternoon and I had Baby J with me. He got passed around and by the time we were getting ready to go I noticed his face was a little pink.

Okay. A lot pink.

My poor little man had a sunburn. It didn't cross my mind that I should maybe put a hat on him or sunscreen or leave him in the stroller.

Babies are incredible healers and he was white as snow (as our Cuban doctor likes to say) in no time, but I felt bad. When I was at the grocery store, which conveniently has a clothing section, I picked up a hat for him and some baby sunscreen.

When the kid wouldn't nap this afternoon, I chucked him in the carrier, threw on his hat and headed out. The hat is SO CUTE! All caps because it's that cute. I didn't get a picture this time, but I will, and then you will see the cuteness that is my boy.

And speaking of not taking care of myself, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to eat properly now that I'm not pregnant or nursing. How hard is it to eat a fruit every day? Just one. Hard!


  1. My kids have gotten rather pink on the occassion too! I am a terrible in junk junk junk. Especially right now...hence the massive weight gain already. Sigh...

  2. I found it easier to eat better when I was pregnant. I think the pressure of it being about more than me was enough.

  3. Haha, when you're not craving it, it's hard to force yourself to eat fruits & veggies.

    Funny that simple things can be hard when we just don't want to do 'em :D