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Friday, April 16, 2010

Meal planning

I've mentioned before that I really want to start meal planning. J and I are pretty good with money. We don't spend too much, but our budget always included a big amount for food because we eat out so often. We rationalized this by not spending money on movies at the theater or coffee or shoes. Food was our thing.

I've read about meal planning and the benefits - you know what you're eating so you eat healthier, you eat together and it's cheaper.

You would think with benefits like these, I would have been planning our meals already. Sadly I am not organized and I resist the traditional male-female roles, making me a very bad stay-at-home mom.

(Strangely, I don't mind doing laundry.)

I got it in my head that the benefits outweighed my aversion to cooking and cleaning, and brought it up with J. He was on board.

This past Monday we sat down and wrote out what we wanted to have for dinner this week. We focused on dinner to not get overwhelmed. Then I made a list of all the food we would need from the store (conveniently, it was also a good day to get groceries - aka the fridge was pitifully empty and the cupboards pretty bare).

Grocery shopping with baby isn't the funnest thing, so we traded off. J made the trip to Costco to stock up on meat for the freezer and some other things, then I went to the regular grocery store for everything else. With all the food, we put aside stuff for that night's meal and happily went about our night.

Well, after 4 days of meal planning, I am happy to report that we have been hugely successful! We haven't stuck to the plan entirely, but we've had good dinners and have eaten more vegetables than usual. Baby J is being exposed to different types of foods, all healthy, and we've eaten our meals at a decent time together at the table.


I really hope to keep planning our meals, at least during the week. It's so nice knowing that dinner is taken care of and everything we need is ready to go. Do you plan your meals? Any tips for a newbie like me?

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  1. I generally try to plan our meals. There is a show on here at 1:30pm my time (12:30pm yours) on global called Whats for dinner or fixing dinner...something like that and it's about meal planning. It's a good show and has helpful ideas. She says you should only ever plan for 5 dinners and leave two up in the air for either leftovers or takeout just so that you're not over planned.