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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Long Weekend

I've been reading all the posts from this past weekend and have to admit that I don't have anything to say about how we went to church or wore matching sweaters or had an Easter egg hunt. My Easter weekend didn't have any of the typical Easter things except family dinners. We had lots of those.

Friday was dinner with my family. My brother was in town and we had a non-traditional lasagna dinner. Baby J was pretty cranky but a little quality time in the stroller put him to sleep so we could enjoy more time there. I was happily surprised with how well my brother did with him. A big change from Christmas.

Saturday was dinner with J's family. It was turkey with all the usual bits. Baby J was given a set of soft blocks that he played with for hours.

We had dinner with J's family again because SJ is leaving for a job for 2 months. We spent some quality time sitting out in the sun artfully rearranging the stones of the walkway (putting little stones onto the bigger stepping stones, driving J's mom crazy). I have my first summer freckles.

Like I said, the weather was perfect. We went from winter hanging on to summer overnight. All weekend I felt weird leaving the house wearing sandals and not bringing a coat. Definitely something I could get used to though.

Today was back to regular though - J went to work and Baby J and I had aquafit. Thankfully naps have been good today. Here's hoping tonight is as good as last night.

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  1. hope you have a good sleep tonight! Sounds like a great weekend!