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Monday, April 12, 2010

Cilantro ruined my lunch

I went out for a lovely lunch with L Friday. We brought the babies (Baby J and R) and went to a little restaurant that we hadn't been to before.

There were two wraps I was considering and when I told L she thought they sounded good so we decided to get both and split them. Perfect.

I was happily munching on my food, Baby J was content with his piece of red pepper and a sweet potato fry. Then I took my first bite of the second wrap, a mushroom and spinach combination.

Cilantro! To me it tastes like a mixture of soap and grass. Disgusting.

Lunch was ruined.

Until L suggested we split a piece of chocolate mousse cake. The chocolate covered the soapy taste and things were good again. But man, cilantro is so gross.

I did some quick Googling and found out that there are multiple groups and sites about how people hate cilantro. You either love it or hate it and no one is really sure why. Could be genetic, could be an ability to taste the good part, could be it's green soap... who knows.

I am definitely a cilantro hater.


  1. I love it! Well in Mexican food I find it's generally a necessary ingredient. However I do take it easy when it calls for a lot. Phil isn't a big lover of it and only likes it when it's a subtle flavour.

  2. I'm with you cilantro will ruin a WHOLE meal for me, includhing the chocolate cake. My hubs loves it. I definitely think it's a genetic thing.

  3. Conclusion: Chocolate cake solves all problems; chocolate mousse cake especially so.