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Friday, April 30, 2010

Busy busy

I hadn't considered how life would be different once Baby J was on the move, but let me tell you it is. It's busy. Maybe you could tell by my lack of posts recently.

Things are looking up. After the craziness of learning how to crawl, learning how to pull himself to standing (and learning how to not bang his face into everything and get down from standing) and then cutting his first tooth, things are finally settling down.

And now that he's accomplished all these things he's started eating and sleeping better. In fact, sleeping is better than it's ever been.

Until a couple of weeks ago, we had an activity a day 3 days a week and sometimes 4. They weren't all at the same time of day so we didn't have a schedule. These days, I have aquafit Tuesday afternoons but nothing else scheduled. This break gave me a chance to find out what Baby J's schedule was like.

I watched him for signs of tiredness and learned that he gets tired less than 2 hours after waking in the morning and 2-3 hours after waking from his naps. He was napping in his bouncer in the basement where our tv is and was taking much convincing that napping was a good thing.

Earlier this week I decided my arms and legs couldn't take all the bouncing anymore. And I ran out of shows to watch so being stuck in the basement while the kid napped wasn't ideal. The kid is going to nap in his crib. How novel.

It was Wednesday when we made the switch. I recently read about the pick up / put down method of sleep training (I'm not going to get into sleep training - there is so much information out there on the subject and people have very strong opinions. Let's just say that I'm pretty open to trying anything to get my baby to sleep but hearing the screams is hard to handle and makes you want to leave the house and never come back.)

I started a little pre-nap routine with Baby J and put him in his crib. He cried for five minutes. I went in and picked him up and held him until he stopped crying. Back in his crib where he cried for 10 minutes. I went back in and thought he might be hungry. Sure enough he was and passed out while eating. I put him in his crib and declared a semi-victory.

Next nap we did the routine again and he cried for less than 5 minutes and fell asleep. Victory!

His third nap of the day, headed by J, went just as well.

On the first day of crib napping, he was going down with minimal fussing. I felt like supermom! Or super stupid.. maybe he's been wanting to nap in his crib this whole time and was taking so long to fall asleep in his bouncer because he didn't want to be in there. This parenting business isn't easy.

Day 2 of crib napping went even better. Baby J is sleeping well and I'm not pulling my hair out because of the screaming or massaging my sore muscles from all of the bouncing. I even got to vacuum and exercise while he napped yesterday. Luxurious.

Night time sleep has improved as well. Again, I think the end of all the new things (crawling, standing and teething) has just as much to do with it as the sleep training, but I'll take it. Baby J is asleep before 10pm and doesn't wake up until 7am. It's perfect.

We're sleeping better and I have some time to myself during the day, but not while the kid is awake. When he's awake it's go-go-go! He's a crawling machine but he loves standing. Standing when you're new at it leads to lots of falling. Thankfully in the short time since he started standing, his balance has improved and he's learned to get himself back into a seated position most of the time. And we've made the house more baby-friendly, though certainly not yet baby-proofed.

That's what's been keeping me busy.


  1. Man that makes me tired just reading it. Sigh. It also makes me tired cause I know thats the next step for monkey man. Crawling. Sniff, sniff. They grow so fast!

  2. That does sound busy!! glad that he's sleeping better for you though, so nice!