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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Running in water

I had my first aqua diaperfit class yesterday. It was great.

The idea is that you do aquafit while your baby (hence the word diaper in the name) bobs around in the pool. Sounds fun, right? I guess it doesn't if you don't like the water or don't have a baby. But if you do, it's a nice way to get in a workout.

Yesterday morning I had baby&mom yoga. Baby J was pretty good so I was actually able to do some yoga. We came home ate (both of us) and napped (him, well Sandy too) and then had to jump in the car. Because it was the first class, I didn't want to be late. Thankfully the 20 minutes that Google maps told me it would take was more like 15.

It's at a small pool in a little neighbourhood. The change room had a little area with a round table in the middle and two pull-down change tables. Perfect for 5 of us and our babies. I got Baby J suited up and I stripped down - I had my suit on already - and we hit the showers. Of course, Baby J was not thrilled with the shower and started crying. So I made it quick.

We went to the pool deck with 10 other moms and babies and sat on the bleachers sizing up the competition. Ha! Just kidding. I chatted politely with the other women and cooed at the babies.

After a short introduction we got in the pool (more crying!) and got the babies set up in their "floatation devices", unsinkable, unflippable flutter boards shaped like fish with a seat for the baby. I plunked the kid in his seat, handed him some toys to munch on and tied the tether to my suit. Secure!

Then I looked around. It was the strangest scene - babies in the cute floaties and women bobbing everywhere. I think every kid was crying and you know the acoustics of an indoor pool - echoey. Baby J calmed after a while, lounged in his seat and chewed on a toy horse.

The workout was pretty intense. I guess it's as intense as you make it and I went for it! My arms were burning after about 4 minutes. We did running and wide-step running, skiing, canoeing, leg pull-ups and twirls. I liked the twirls the best.

I'm hoping this class will whip me into shape just in time for bikini season. A girl's gotta dream, right?


  1. Good for you! Sounds like a fun time too!

  2. Aw, I miss aquafit ... used to do it often on my lunchbreaks back when I worked at CU. Happy to hear you're getting into it :)