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Friday, March 26, 2010

Not complaining, but really?

Last night was the worst we've had in a while. I can't really complain because Baby J has almost always slept through the night, something some new parents can't say about their babies for many months. I don't know if it's teething or a cold or the formula we've just started... something is mucking up my baby's sleep.

Two nights ago, Baby J cried out a bunch of times. I would jump out of bed each time and be pulling on pants when I realized he was quiet. I don't know how many times it happened but each time I couldn't fall back to sleep for a while. A couple times I even resorted to reading my book.

I was really lucky that J stayed home yesterday and got up with the baby so I caught up on my missed sleep. We went on to have a pretty normal day except the kid was super cranky. He napped well so again I can't complain.

That brings us to last night. Baby J had his last bottle and right before I went to put him in his crib he started screaming, louder and more shrill than I've ever heard. I gave him some Tylenol and we went for a walk around the house. He was still awake so I tried another bottle. That did the trick and a little before midnight he was sleeping in his crib.

By this point, I'm exhausted so I get into bed and fall asleep right away. Not even 30 minutes later he's screaming. He hadn't finished the last bottle so I gave him some more food and put him back in his crib. No joke, 30 minutes after he was screaming again.

After being woken up twice after very little sleep I got set up in his room, closed the door, and settled in for a long night. I fed him, gave him homeopathic teething stuff, rubbed his belly - did everything I could think of. After a long time and another bottle, he finally passed out. The time? 4am.

I stumbled to my bed, hoping that I would get to sleep for more than an hour. My wish was granted. We slept until 7am.

I was hoping for a nap this morning or maybe a shower, but all I got was a quick lie down on the couch while Baby J napped on me. He crabby and tired and sneezing all the time and super clingy. At least he doesn't mind that I haven't showered though I won't be going out to test that out on the general public.

Here's hoping tonight is better. It's Friday... that should count for something.


  1. Happy Friday Follow Day, Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Hope you get a little more sleep as well...I have four children and I know how it goes! IT does get better with time, unfortunately it takes..time!

  2. oh dear that doesn't sound too good! hopefully whatever is bothering him passes. I know how those nights go and how hard it is to get through the next day~!

  3. You put on your pants when you get up in the night?! Maybe it will make you feel better to know that on your rough nights with baby J you are still classier than me on my best nights, no baby in sight.

    miss ya, hope today is full of deep sleeps for you and baby J.

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