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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Getting to know K

For the first time, I'm participating in Mann Land 5's Getting to Know YOU. It beats having to come up with ideas for a post (and have it be clever) on a lazy Sunday. So without further ado...

1. What year did you graduate high school?
I graduated in 2000 and I was pleased with the nice roundness of that big number.

2. What part of your body do you neglect the most?
Probably my feet.
I shower while the baby naps but it's hard to have time for much else.

3. Beach house or Lake house?
Can a lake house not have a little beach? Is a beach house not hear water? I'm confused.

4. Mac or PC?
We have PCs.

5. Did you wear braces?
From ages 17-19. Hello high school grad pictures. Thankfully I got them off days before the retakes.

6. If you could be one person for a or deceased..who would you be?
I don't know how to answer this. If it was only for one day, I suppose anyone really. Someone rich being followed around by papparazi or somebody poor to see what it was like. Somebody exciting who's visiting a cool place or doing something I couldn't personally do (scuba diving, jumping out of an airplane, touching bugs...)

7. How many times have you moved in your life?
I've lived in 4 family houses and two university houses and a double economy dorm room. Yes, with bunk beds. I was so cool. So, 6 moves I guess.

8. Would you rather cook or clean?
Neither! With cooking you get to eat afterward so that's a perk, but really, I'm not great at either.


  1. I love Getting to Know You Sunday, its a great time to meet new bloggy friends! Loved reading your answers, and your blog is too cute!

  2. I think they call a house by the ocean a beach house and a house by a lake a lake house. :) I chose a lake house. I don't get to the ocean much, living on the Wisconsin/Minnesota border. :)

    Loved reading your answers! Have a great Sunday!