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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Books the way I like them

I grew up going to the library at least once a week. It was just up the road from our house. My parents are both avid readers and so we would go and my mom would get herself 5 books and 1 for my dad, and my brother and I would run around silently hiding among the shelves.

I remember the day when I got my own card. I had to tell the nice lady my name and phone number. I was so nervous that I blurted it out so fast she didn't have time to write it down. She coaxed the info out of me and I was awarded my very own library card. It was green and it allowed me to get 3 books at a time.

I eventually graduated to a grey card so I could take out 6 books at a time. And then we moved and stopped going to the library so often. Plus we were busy with sports and school and other activities.

In high school and university I rarely went to the library, either the city one or the ones at school. I borrowed books from my mom and read when I wasn't studying. I've been borrowing books from my mom and now J's grandmother since I finished school. They read the same type - murder mystery - which works well because the books are an easy read yet entertaining enough to keep me sane.

I don't like to own books really because I'd rather not read the same thing twice. I'm not great at remembering exactly what happens, but I'll remember enough to have a sense of deja vu the entire time and not be satisfied at the end. The only books we own are the Harry Potter and Twilight series, some Lonely Planets guides, and some others here and there.

I recently learned about the Bookmobile. The public library doesn't have a branch in my neighbourhood so they send the Bookmobile - a bus full of books and two library staff - to our area once a week. I can go online and ask for certain books to be placed on hold for me.

The bookmobile is perfect. I can branch away from my usual borrowed murder mysteries and so I have. I've read some really interesting books, plus I've been able to learn about how to get my baby to sleep without shelling out the money for the books.

I'm currently reading The Survivor's Club and just finished Freakonomics. I would recommend both books. I'm open to suggestions too - what do you think I should read? I've added a widget to my blog from Goodreads where you can see what I've read. If you sign up, make sure to add me as a friend!

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
~ Joseph Addison


  1. I am re-reading the Twilight series since I have them at home, but have gotten lazy in my reading. I need to find some new good books too!

  2. That's a great story. I can see kid K running amongst the books. Thank you.

    There are certain books I really enjoy rereading. The books are like comfort food. Familiar and assuring. They are: the first three Harry Potter books, and the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    I don't often reread thrillers. In a pinch I will, but I get the same feeling as you do. Not really satisfied in the end.

    I finally gave in and have begun to read the new Dan Brown novel.

    Favourite novels when you were a kid/teen?

  3. I LOVE the library. I always have at LEAST 3 books checked out. Two non-fiction and one fiction. I force myself to read something intelligent every so often.

    I'm so happy you have a Bookmobile to help you get the books you love. I agree, buying books (esp fiction) seems like a waste when they just sit on the shelf. Our bookshelf at home consists of mostly textbooks from school, reference, and some children's books from growing up that I just can't part with (and I've lugged them from place to place to place every since I moved away from Ottawa so there is a bit of a stubborn need to keep them out of spite).

    I've been following your reads on Goodreads - you just blow through them like wildlife! Good for you! I can't read as fast, or maybe I just don't make enough time? I don't know. Sometimes I just get stuck on certain books and can't get through them.

    I'm glad you're reading so much. :)

  4. @TheFullNelson: I enjoyed the Twilight books for what they were. I read them all at once and found them very repetitive. The movie, the first one, was absolute crap though! Have you seen it?

    @Lindsay P: I didn't know Dan Brown had a new one. I'm sure it will be picked up by my sources (heehee) and I'll see it eventually.
    I have a hard time coming up with favourite books because I go through them so quickly. My parents tell me that I always asked them to read the Briar Rabbit (several times a night) and I really loved the Berenstein Bears books.

    @Shelley: I got rid of all my textbooks - SO freeing! We're starting to amass a little person library. If it means my little one will like to read, I'm all for it. He already likes to chew on books.
    I don't tend to get stuck on books because I don't read involved ones. I almost always read thrillers that take less than a week to read.. well you know that if you look at my Goodreads stream. I just put a hold on the Deepak Chopra book that's on your list. Thank you!