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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update: Weekend goals

My goals this past weekend were to not take cold medication, attend R's baby shower and start the 30-day shred. I accomplished two of the three. I didn't take any cold drugs though my cold is still hanging on. And because I'm still not feeling 100% I didn't start the 30-day shred.

A goal I didn't mention explicitly was that I wanted to leave the house. Sunday we decided it was time to bathe the baby so we did that and then got ourselves ready (J had a diaper party while I had the baby shower). He left before I did so I fed the kid and got everything packed up. I decided to walk because the shower was only a few blocks away. I brought Baby J downstairs where he puked all over my coat and himself. Back upstairs for new clothes. Back downstairs. This time we got all bundled up with the baby in the carrier and left the house.

R's baby shower was a lot of fun. The host has a 3-month-old baby but was able to make one of the best spreads I've ever seen. The games were well-organized and weren't annoying. I left a little early only because Baby J was starting to get cranky. No surprise since he decided napping is for chumps and had been up since 8am.

I think S&R are well on their way to having most everything they need for the baby, including two onesies with dinosaurs that I made. It's nice to see the excitement of a soon-to-be-new-parent. It's the feeling of not knowing what's coming but being excited and scared and anxious and happy and all sorts of emotions. They're in for a whirlwind.


  1. Ethan used to do that or blow out right before we headed out for church. murphy's law!

  2. I am sick of being sick, you know! :)

    I lah lah love baby showers!!! I wish I were a party planner or something so I cold attend them all the time. What a great thing to celebrate a new baby!

  3. Have you considered taking other stuff for your cold? Maybe echinacea? Or is that not a good idea either at the moment?

  4. S: Blowouts are awful! I hate the impromptu baths that the really bad ones require.

    Crazymom: Maybe you should become an event planner. Sometimes I think I'd like to do that too, but then I remember who I am and realize I could never be bubbly all the time.

    Pauline: You know, I've never been big on herbal remedies. I should look into that....