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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Trying to FLY

I don't remember how but I stumbled upon recently. It is a website dedicated to getting your house decluttered and clean and giving you the tools to do so. I hate cleaning but I like the ideas I've read on the site. I even signed up for the emails.

To FLY is to Finally Love Yourself and you do this by doing a little bit every day. You incorporate routines into your day to keep things running smoothly. If you have routines and do your cleaning a little bit at a time, the idea is that it never gets out of hand and you'll have time to enjoy life.

Part of me wants to dive right in but part of me is holding back. You want me to get dressed fully (shoes on, hair done, makeup on) every day? I get it - it's makes you feel more ready for the day, more able to accomplish things - but I haven't done it once.

They talk about perfectionists and how many people won't start something if they can't do it well or finish the task. I think for me it's a case of being lazy. I don't want to start fully dressed just to get puked on and have to change. And that's only one of the things they say to do every day.

But I LOVE the idea. I don't know why I can't just jump in, why I'm holding back. I need to make this work for me. I think this will be one of my goals this year: to jump in. To get on board. To FLY.


  1. I used to get ready I've been a bit lazier with this pregnancy. I have a cleaning routine that I do everyday though so that it rarely becomes a huge disaster. I vacuum everyday and I clean the bathroom daily.

  2. Hey chick,

    good plans! I've been feeling the very same recently, maybe it's the time of year. I've gotten a lot out of re-framing things I don't like to do, but like the result of. Keeping a tidy place or staying healthy is a form of self-love. Keeping on top of wedding planning is a form of loving my mom, who is working hard on our behalf.

    What I relized what holding me back more than anything was just forgetting. So I wrote out little cards to find in cupboards or on the table just remining myself to eat well, because I like how I feel when I do that. And to do little things. If toast is toasting, I can empty the dishwasher and not notice the time rather than just waiting...not difficult, just a matter of making new habits. Good luck with finding a balance that makes you feel good.

    Perfect is the enemy of done! Take care :-) xoxo

    PS if you haven't already, try the 15 minute oven timer...set it and putter around with whatever you see. It helps define boundaries that can break the apathy of starting what seems like a neverending task.