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Friday, February 19, 2010

The secret of hair

When you're pregnant, all the books tell you about this luxurious hair you're going to have, all thanks to the lovely pregnancy hormones. What they fail to mention is that, after having your baby, your hair falls out. All thanks to the lack of pregnancy hormones.

Let me tell you what a new mom, who is short on sleep, overwhelmed with WTF and where's-the-baby? moments, and on a crazy hormonal rollercoaster, doesn't need: hair falling out in clumps! I'm not kidding - clumps!

When I shower, my hair comes out in fistfulls. It's a miracle the water still goes down the drain and I have any hair left on my head at all.

I knew ahead of time this was going to happen because I'm sneaky and knew people who had recently gone through this post-pregnancy OMGI'mlosingallmyhair! business, not because the books thought it was worth mentioning. No, let's just tell the crazy pregnant woman how nice her hair is going to look, not that she's going to lose it all in no time.

What a slap in the face. Not a nice way to start off parenthood, balding.

Now that I'm nearing six month post-partum, I think the hair loss is slowing. I have to take the hair off my brush after brushing my hair a few times, not every time. But I might still need to adopt a shorter hair style to accomodate all the new, inch-long hairs that now cover my head.

So, to all you lovely ladies who are pregnant, enjoy your luxurious locks but be warned that your hair will go back to how it was before and that involves shedding fistfulls at a time for months after you have your baby. Welcome to parenthood, glad I could help.

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  1. I lost a TONNE of hair after Ethan and ended up cutting it short. It was also due to a thyroid problem I developed from my pregnancy...another thing that you don't hear about! After Karington it happened but not nearly as bad. hope it's just about done for you. At least it's an excuse for a trip to the salon for a new hair style!