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Friday, February 26, 2010


I have never heard my little man giggle as much as the other night when playing peek-a-boo.

We went to A&S's place for dinner a few night ago. S's parents are in town and her mom is really good with babies. Within minutes she had Baby J giggling up a storm. She was talking to him in Dutch and then hiding behind a wall.

When she hid, he would look around for her and when she would pop out he would giggle like crazy. Again and again and again. Oh! There you are! Where'd you go? Oh! There you are!

Baby giggles are infectious and we were all laughing.

It's so nice being reminded to stop and take pleasure in the little things in life, which is exactly what having a baby makes you do. They look at everything with wide-eyed wonder and are constantly learning.

This amazement and desire to learn about everything can be a detriment though. Baby J doesn't seem to want to miss a single thing happening around him so he has a hard time sleeping during the day. At night he's fine (thankfully!) but during the day it's a struggle. I've taken to putting him in his crib after not talking too much or making eye contact for a while, and waiting for his little brain to shut off. He will not sleep around other people - he's not the baby who will fall asleep while we're out and about, no matter how tired he is.

I can't complain - I will continue showing him all sorts of things and then trying my best to create a good sleep environment so he can rest. Maybe he'll grow up to be super smart.


  1. how I love baby giggles...they are simply the best...right along with pouty lips!

  2. Sad face - the face they make right before they cry - is my favourite. It's SO sad but SO cute!