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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My favourite things

One of my favourite things happens on weekends. J lets me sleep in and gets up with Baby J. I hear him talking to the baby when he first goes into his room and it melts my heart. It's worth staying awake for. Then I get to sleep some more knowing that my boys are enjoying each other's company.

Another thing I love is the way Baby J's eyes crinkle when he smiles. He is quick to smile and not shy at all. He giggles all the time. He loves being sung to and bouncing in his jumper. He reaches out when the cat walks by and grabs her fur when she gets too close. He babbles away and hides his yawns when he's tired. He won't nap because he doesn't want to miss a thing. He's starting to like swimming.

He's recently started pulling his bottom lip into his mouth and is so close to rolling over. We're trying to teach him some simple signs and to wave. He already knows how to stick out his tongue and tries to put everything in his mouth. He's getting interested in what we're eating and drinking but is still not a great eater.

When J homes from work, Baby J gets so excited that he wiggles and squirms and makes happy sounds. Seeing my boys reunited after a long day apart is one of the best parts of my day.

My favourite things revolve around my little family - my boys and my cat.

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  1. what a cute little family! Sounds like Baby J is learning lots